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Online Booking Deposits updates

You may have noticed a few changes if you've checked out your Online Booking settings recently. Here’s what we’ve done.

New name

Previously known as Online Booking Payments, we’ve changed the name to Online Booking Deposits to more clearly explain what it is.

New look

We’ve updated the Online Booking Deposits tab too. Here’s what you’ll see:

Online booking deposits - baxus

And we’ve made it simpler to quickly set or edit deposits:

To learn more about Online Booking Deposits, visit our support guide.

New to baxus targets

We know that everyone runs their businesses slightly differently. That’s why we’ve released some updates
that will allow you to use baxus targets the way that works best for your business.

Choose when your week starts

Not every business’ week starts on a Monday and we want baxus targets to correctly reflect your work week.

Now you can customise the start day for your week by clicking ‘change’:

Change start day - baxus targets

Create weekly and monthly targets

Now, depending on what you want your business to achieve, or the goals you set your staff, you can decide if a weekly or monthly target is going to be more suitable.

Plus you can set both weekly and monthly targets for an individual or business.

Track your progress

Tracking your progress helps you to understand how you’re doing and compare results.

Now that there’s the option to set monthly targets, baxus shows you how you did last month and tracks how you’re doing this month.

Use the dropdown menu to view your weekly and monthly targets:

baxus targets track your progress

For more information about these updates, visit our support guide.

Don’t have targets? Here’s how to get started

Getting started with baxus targets is easy! Check out our step by step support guide.

Automatic log out

baxus has a new feature to help keep your business and it’s data safe.

New automatic log out

If you change your password, baxus will automatically log out if its open on any device.

Automatic log out works when you change your password in baxus settings or if you use the ‘forgot password’ feature.

This feature makes it easy to keep your information safe, particularly when you share a baxus login with your team.

Keeping your business and data safe

Giving everyone in your business baxus access has major benefits. And by choosing the right access level for each person in your team, you can rest assured they can use the features they need while your business information is kept private.

Setting up baxus access for your team is easy! To learn more about setting up baxus access for your team, visit our support guide.