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Send appointment details

You can instantly send clients their appointment details which they can easily add to their calendar!

Send appointment details

To instantly send your clients an email confirming their appointment date and time, use the new ‘Send appt details’ button in the appointments tab:

Send appointment details in baxus

Your clients can add appointment details to their calendar

When your client receives their appointment details via email they’ll have the ability to add them to their calendar which can really help your business reduce no-shows.

Here’s what it’ll look like in their calendar:

Appointment in calendar

Depending on the email provider your clients use, the way things look and how clients add appointments to their calendar may differ.

Need help with this feature? Check out our support guide.


Online Booking descriptions

Did you know you can add descriptions to your Online Booking site? You can provide clients with more detail about your services and packages when they book online!

Service and package descriptions

Start by adding an Online Booking description for each of your services and packages. Here’s how:

  1. Go to the products & services tab.
  2. Choose a service or package.
  3. Select ‘Available in Online Booking’.
  4. A new description field will appear so you can add a description.

Service description

Show descriptions in Online Booking

To ensure your new descriptions are visible, go to Online Booking in the Settings tab and tick ‘Show service and package descriptions’.

Online Booking settings

Descriptions in Online Booking

Here's what your descriptions look like when a client books online:

Descriptions in Online Booking

Check out our support guide for more information.

New mobile friendly appointment book

baxus’ appointment book is now mobile friendly, making it easy to view and update it no matter where you are or which device you’re using.

See appointments

Even on your phone, it’s now easy to see your Appointment Book and what you’ve got coming up.

Manage appointments

When you use the appointment book on your mobile or tablet, you’ll notice some changes that make it easier to use on a smaller screen.

Make an appointment

Making a new appointment on the go or while you’re with your clients is easy. Just find and tap the correct time slot, and select ‘New appointment here’.

New Appointment Book

Edit appointments

Tap on an appointment and you’ll have the option to make any changes you require.

Add or search for clients

To add or search for clients tap the blue arrow above the time column to expand the sidebar, and tap it again to hide it.

Search for clients

Change your view

In the new top navigation bar, you can choose to see all staff, working staff or just an individual's appointment book.

Select the date

The date selector lets you choose which date you want to view with just a touch.

Choose your calendar view

The new settings button at the top right of the screen lets you to adjust your calendar view so it works for you.

Security updates

We know it’s important keep client information safe, so we’ve made some changes to baxus’ security.

Standard access has changed

Standard access no longer lets users view client contact details. That’s so you can give users access to all the features this security level includes, but don’t need to give them visibility of client information.

New Standard plus access

Standard plus (previously known as Standard) gives the user Standard access plus the ability to view client contact details.

Users who were previously Standard users are now Standard plus users so their access is the same.

Advanced access has changed

Just like Standard access, Advanced access no longer lets users view client contact details.

New Advanced plus access

Advanced plus (previously known as Advanced) gives the user Advanced access plus the ability to view client contact details.

Users who were previously Advanced users are now Advanced plus users so their access is the same.

New look

We’ve also changed how the security access levels are displayed, so it’s easier and faster for you to choose the right access for each staff member. Check it out:

Check out our support guide to learn more security.

New Targets only access for your team

We’ve released a new baxus access option - Targets. Now you can let your team view and track their personal targets while keeping your client and business information safe.

Give your team access to baxus

Before you can choose what your staff can see, they’ll need to be given access to baxus. Just visit settings and create new users via the Staff & users tab.

To learn more about creating new users, visit our support guide.

Choose the right access option

Not sure what access you should give your staff? There are six access options giving you the flexibility to customise what each staff member needs:  

  • Targets: Staff can view their own targets.
  • Limited : Targets + view the appointment book and add and edit client details.
  • Standard: Limited + make and invoice appointments, manage products and services, create email marketing campaigns, edit Online Booking settings and run the payments received report.
  • Advanced: Standard + run all reports and view and set targets.
  • Admin: Advanced + download client lists, add and edit baxus users, view and edit staff rosters, edit business settings and manage accounts like MailChimp and PayPal.
  • Accounts / Reports: Manage products and services, create email email marketing campaigns, edit Online Booking settings, run all reports and view and set targets.

Quickly edit rostered hours

Now, if you have admin access, you have the ability to quickly edit working hours from the appointment book when you experience changes to staff hours and unplanned staff leave.

How it works

1. Click on the staff member’s name at the top of the appointment book:

Edit rostered hours from the appointment book

2. Choose how you’d like to edit rostered hours by entering the details into the required fields and select Save. Remember that edits made in the appointment book will also show in your staff roster.

Tip! You can also edit rostered hours from the staff rosters menu in Settings. These edits will be reflected in the appointment book too.

Edit rostered hours from staff rosters

Edit rostered hours


Use this to make a one-off change to a staff member’s rostered hours. Here you can set or edit the start and end times.

Edit working hours

‘Not working’

Choose this option if a staff member isn’t working their rostered hours for that day.

Set to not working

View edits

Once you’ve saved an edit, you’ll see a red triangle in the corner of the staff member’s column. That way you can quickly see that there are changes to their rostered hours.

Saved roster edit

Revert to normal working hours

If you’d like to revert any changes back to normal rostered hours, use the ‘Revert to normal working hours’ button.

Revert to normal working hours

Need help using this new feature? Check out our support guide.

Add Online Bookings to clients calendars

We’ve got a new Online Booking feature! When your clients are sent an email confirming their Online Booking, they’ll have the ability to add the appointment into their calendar.

Add appointment to calendar

So when your clients check their calendar their appointment will show:

Appointment in calendar

Depending on the email provider your clients use, the way things look and how clients add appointments to their calendar may differ.

Automatic unsubscribe for MailChimp

Sometimes your clients won't want to receive your marketing communications and it’s important to make sure they don’t continue to get them. Now when your clients unsubscribe in MailChimp ‘Send marketing messages’ will automatically be changed to ‘No’.

Here’s how it works:

Clients can choose to unsubscribe

If a client doesn't want to receive your marketing communications, they can use the unsubscribe link in your MailChimp campaigns to opt-out.

Here’s an example of the unsubscribe link we include at the bottom of baxus communications:

baxus unsubscribe link in MailChimp

Tip! Legally you need to have an unsubscribe link in your campaigns, and MailChimp templates automatically include one.

baxus will automatically unsubscribe clients

When a client chooses to unsubscribe in MailChimp baxus will automatically default ‘Send marketing messages‘ to ‘No’.

Send marketing messages button in baxus

When this happens, baxus won't include them in client lists you create to send marketing campaigns in MailChimp.

For more information about automatic unsubscribe in baxus, check out our support guide.

Online Booking Deposits updates

You may have noticed a few changes if you've checked out your Online Booking settings recently. Here’s what we’ve done.

New name

Previously known as Online Booking Payments, we’ve changed the name to Online Booking Deposits to more clearly explain what it is.

New look

We’ve updated the Online Booking Deposits tab too. Here’s what you’ll see:

Online booking deposits - baxus

And we’ve made it simpler to quickly set or edit deposits:

To learn more about Online Booking Deposits, visit our support guide.

New to baxus targets

We know that everyone runs their businesses slightly differently. That’s why we’ve released some updates
that will allow you to use baxus targets the way that works best for your business.

Choose when your week starts

Not every business’ week starts on a Monday and we want baxus targets to correctly reflect your work week.

Now you can customise the start day for your week by clicking ‘change’:

Change start day - baxus targets

Create weekly and monthly targets

Now, depending on what you want your business to achieve, or the goals you set your staff, you can decide if a weekly or monthly target is going to be more suitable.

Plus you can set both weekly and monthly targets for an individual or business.

Track your progress

Tracking your progress helps you to understand how you’re doing and compare results.

Now that there’s the option to set monthly targets, baxus shows you how you did last month and tracks how you’re doing this month.

Use the dropdown menu to view your weekly and monthly targets:

baxus targets track your progress

For more information about these updates, visit our support guide.

Don’t have targets? Here’s how to get started

Getting started with baxus targets is easy! Check out our step by step support guide.